What is laser-cutting?
Laser cutting machines can accurately produce complex exterior contours. Lasers cut by melting the material in the beam path. It is a very expensive procedure but the quality of the product is important to me.

What is the actual size of the opening in each frame?
Soho: Actual size of the opening of the frame is
11/16”w x 9/16”h (0.687” x 0.562”)
Brooklyn: Actual size of the opening of the frame is
15/16” x 13/16 (.937”x.812”).
Rocker’s frame size is 1/8” bigger than the Soho’s.

How are the pictures held down?
The pictures will not fall out. The pictures are “sandwiched” between the two layers of the bracelet. The vinyl has a soft cloth backing that creates friction between the two layers of the bracelet to hold the pictures in place. It’s the perfect design allowing you to change and add photos to the bracelet easily but still have the pictures held securely.

How do I know my wrist size?
Take a piece of string and wrap around your wrist. Tighten or loosen the string depending on how you like to comfortably wear a bracelet. Cut the string and measure to determine your wrist size.

Is the PhotoCuff waterproof?
The cuff itself is made out of vinyl so it is waterproof. The picture frames have a clear covering that offers protection for normal wear but are not waterproof. They are the perfect design to offer protection for your photos while allowing pictures to be updated and/or changed quickly and easily. Also, the clear covering is not stitched down to allow the photos to have a gloss or matt look (by placing the photos in front or behind the clear covering).

What happens if my PhotoCuff comes into contact with water?
Although water will not damage the PhotoCuff, water will damage the pictures. Even though the pictures are protected somewhat by the clear plastic cover, it is recommended that bracelet not be worn in situations where water can contact the bracelet. Pictures can be protected by lamination.

How can I clean my PhotoCuff?
For spot cleaning, we use Goo Gone which is available at any local hardware store. It's pretty good at cleaning spots.

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